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  We draw your attention to the safety when choosing a toy. In the manufacture of our products, only high-quality materials are used that meet safety standards. The basis of the toy is a natural coniferous tree.


The whole process of manufacturing is exclusively manual work. Our masters are professionals in their business. Each element is carefully and reliably installed.

OUR Story

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Busy Board

The Busy Board from Happy Home - it's a development board, in which everything is carefully thought out. Here you will find sound and light elements. Elements are necessary for the development of fine motor skills, which is directly related to the development of the speech of the baby. The development board is designed for children from 8 months. We are sure that the bizyboard will be of interest to the child for a long time, since the elements are selected in such a way that only in the process of growing up the child gets to interact with them. You will not pass by without a smile.


The Wigwam from Happy Home - it's a cozy Indian tent for playing and enjoying your own home. Bright prints and patterns on the fabric create an atmosphere of style for parents and coziness for the baby. In the kit, you can sew a blanket and pillows for comfortable sleeping and reading fairy tales. It is possible to provide a window for more realistic games. Developing fantasy wigwam is designed for children from 1.5 years. Even at a later age, your baby will be willing to try on his house and find new scenarios of his own games.


The Biplane from Happy Home - for children this is an interesting toy for creating your adventures. Biplane will help to develop the imagination of the pilot of his own aircraft. Biplane is a great addition to the interior of your house, while it will be the best place to store children's books and pencils for drawing. Sometimes you really need something to hide from above from childhood fantasies to paint the walls.

Running Suits

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Toy box

The Box for toys from Happy Home is a perfect addition to the interior of your house, at the same time it will be the best place for storing children's toys. It is very important to have a strong base and high sides for a large number of toys. The distance between the bars, will help very quickly find the most beloved.


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Decor for kids room

Decor for children from Happy Home - these are additional elements for the development of the child. Boxes for toys, strong capacious and at the same time stylish. To create our own show of animals, we make a Mini Circus. The combination of color and size options will not leave you indifferent. Biplane - for the dreamer to become a pilot of his own aircraft. Can be used as a shelf for other toys. The elements of decor offered by us are not just part of the interior, but also entertaining toys for the baby. Suitable for children of any age older than 1 year.

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